The Guppy is just about the easiest fish of all to breed. In fact the only method to be positive you will maybe not get child Guppies is to get only man Guppies. Lots of people do this. The Males will be the more colourful. Finding only woman Guppies is not a trusted way of avoiding imitation since the Females might have mated when you got them. Unlike with most fish, fertilization in Guppies is internal. This also applies to their near relatives, the Mollies, Platies and Swordtails.

A female Guppy can have several lot of infants in one mating, so the mating would have occurred a large time before birth. The gestation period of Guppies averages about 28 days. This varies with additional factors. The water heat could have an effect. Higher conditions may limit the gestation period, and time length also appears to be important, with a longer time period shortening the gestation.


A female Guppy may frequently become pregnant at as young as 8 weeks, having her first infants at three months old. She can the keep on having infants every 28 times roughly for the others of her life. The Guppy produces fewer infants in each litter than many fish, however the children are greater in terms of the fish’s person size than many fish babies. This seems to provide a higher survival rate. This along with the short generation time implies that Guppies can multiply quickly. In certain places there are so many Guppies visible in the water they’ve been called the’Millions fish ‘.

Many strains of Guppy eat their own children, along with the children of different fish. Most kinds of different fish can consume Guppy infants (White Cloud Pile Minnows may not) therefore in a residential district container the children possess a dangerous life. Sporadically 1 or 2 can survive in a properly planted container with very few fish.


Guppy barriers or related measures tend to be applied to separate your lives the feminine and save the babies. They’re not even close to perfect. The female may get exceptionally distressed in the’capture’and could even die from the stress. When you have a separate container you are able to often catch some of the babies right after start and transfer them. Another way I purchased is always to employ a properly planted reservoir, and just put one of two girl Guppies in. The females may be kept well given and if they are available, Daphnia can be continually present. In these problems, the ladies are less likely to consume the babies. After pregnancy, the mother fish may be removed. The infant fish will consume the infant daphnia and grow well.

Pellets are a remarkably popular food for guppies, but Personally, i don’t use them around most people. The reason behind this is because even the pellets meant to be employed for guppies can be huge and I do not think they are able to take them really well. Don’t get me wrong. I do utilize them, but they probably only make-up about 20% of the meals I provide my guppies.


Flakes are a classic fish food that is used generally in most aquariums because it can supply a myriad of fish at once irrespective of how large or little they are. Flakes could even be smashed up perfectly and given to guppy fry to give on. Flakes now come in a variety of varieties to promote different things such as for instance shade enhancers, which do perform and from what I have experienced, they trigger number harm to the fish themselves. Earthworm flakes are a great guppy food to help raise the quantity of fry a lady guppy has during spawning.

I have achieved some guppy breeders that give their guppies pureed meat center that they have frozen. Then, in regards to serving time they just pop it out from the fridge, processor a bit down and drop it in. I should acknowledge that I have not attempted this, but I’ve heard about it from more than simply one person. They swear by it, therefore it is on my list to try. I’d generally be sure that any uneaten food is eliminated to stop water problems.


Sliced and blanched cucumber is still another good guppy food to include and keep for some hours for them to graze on. You don’t need significantly and one portion could be more than enough. I would significantly instead they eat one cut and go out then have several parts within messing up your water quality. While we’re speaking about veggies, another good one to give to guppies is perfectly diced peas.

Lots of guppy keepers like to provide theirs a treat from time to time in the shape of stay food such as daphnia and bloodworms, which are good for the helpusfish. I would generally take care to pick up any remaining stay food to ensure that any possible germs or condition as a result can’t contaminate the aquarium water.


Baby Guppies have the ability to consume standard fish food of small sizes. They do better on a fry food. I greatly prefer the dried fry meals to the water ones. To get the very best development from the children, some stay food is extremely beneficial. I take advantage of Daphnia processed by way of a rough aquarium web therefore only small daphnia get the infants, although the larger Daphnia will not harm the child fish and can breed in the tank.

Sometimes interspecific hybrids between Guppies and Mollies occur. It’s noted that these hybrids are often fertile, while I have never tested this. Note also that if a mix was performed and the children found to be infertile, this certainly does not prove that this may happen every time. Guppy-Molly hybrids are pretty drab in colour. Hybrids may also arise between Guppies and the Endler’s Livebearer. They are reported to be fertile. Guppy-Endler’s Stay Bearer crosses are colourful. It will be a shame if the Endler’s Livebearer turned extinct as a natural species.

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